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who are we

who are we


elsherok Security Services was founded and the transfer of funds in 2003 and since its inception has been able to achieve record growth rates of up to become one of the major companies that offer integrated security services.

The company offers its core activities through a number of separate legal entities in the fields of security and technical services and public services.


High-quality leader in the preparation of the security service officers and security and personal security and armed security and transfer guard

Money and control systems, surveillance and security consulting, security training and aim at Sunrise Security Services to provide the best security services
- Important Characters
-Academies Civil and universities.
--the factories, Companies and hospitals.
-the resturants , Car showrooms.
- the compaounds ,Villas and residential communities.

Where we provide trained security personnel physically and intellectually through better security institutes efficiently Interior Ministry, which is through the rehabilitation and training of personnel responsible for the security of projects commercial, industrial and residential establishments, tourist villages and banks of all types and work to develop their skills advanced and sophisticated ways.