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Services provided by the company

1-business and security guard.

2-business money transfers
3. Environment service work.
4-security numbers Consulting to large companies to plan and implement security to protect staff and facilities and private property.

5-secure VIPs.
6. Secure Peabody Jardat concerts.
7. provide cleaning and maintenance services, office facilities - hospitals - hotels.
8-planning and implementation of electronic surveillance systems.
9. The company also makes training programs for self-defense.
10. The guard tour operators, hotels, tourist insurance.
11-supply of skilled labor for the benefit of others.
12-supply and implementation of various alarms.


Honor elsherok Security Services to provide maintenance services, where we are one of the specialized in the realization of the integrated maintenance companies and in the installation of electronic tools and networking net hip for all purposes and for all the installations and sites that offer a comprehensive program for the maintenance of public spaces at the highest level and the most modern equipment and best trained manpower well on this means that will help the maintenance of all places, even small ones that specialize accompanied by supervisors to follow up the line of work and delivered in the best quality.

• First: The purpose of the company

1. no maintenance for all types of sites as measured periodically laid plans.
2. There is also an annual maintenance contracts and temporary contracts.
3. There is regular maintenance per day -or monthly according to the agreement and exhibitions on the maintenance of the best limited employment and the latest hardware for a while.
4. maintenance of all types of real estate, including apartments, houses and villas, maintenance include everything that is inside the facility.
5. The company is also using the latest special machinery in the maintenance of some old and new imported and hardware devices.
6. The company also uses the best technicians and specialists in the types of periodic maintenance trainers the highest level.

The company's program specialist in the periodic maintenance

     Include electricity maintenance
- Technical personnel available to carry out electrical maintenance or repair systems.
- Qualified individuals to do repair and maintenance of electricity breakdowns are trained to the highest level of expertise.
- They have certificates of technical institutes in this field.
- The provision of the latest equipment and devices that help the maintenance technician to do fullest.
- Provide found singled out maintenance on the 24-hour daily.
- The presence of an operation room to manage maintenance operations on site-specific bodies and factories patrol.
 - Maintenance of networks and surveillance cameras
- I have available in elsherok technocracy specialists to install networks and maintenance of surveillance cameras at the highest level and are equipped with the latest equipment and techniques that will help them do their jobs to the fullest
- Our technicians the company's two of the best technicians highly experienced and have experience certificates in this area of ​​not less than 5 years at least.
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